It may be funny, but it also speaks volumes about what it takes for a business to really succeed in social media.
We deal a lot in design here in the Chocolate Shoebox studio, and this means a lot of Photoshop work. So when we see pictures on the internet of Photoshop work we either get really excited or spend the day giggling hysterically at the obvious editing failures.

Well this was one of those times we got really excited. Celebrities are not our favourite topic of conversation, but these Photoshopped renditions were simply too hilarious not to share.

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Nandos is famous for its hilarious parodies and "rip-offs" in the marketing and advertising space. And it's received a lot of backlash for a number of its more controversial ads. But now, we see a different approach to a response by Santam.

Finally a company, who instead of bickering with Nandos, has used it to their advantage. Just brilliant!

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Since there have been so many of these What We Think We Do / Actually Do memes floating around lately, we thought we'd jump on the bandwagon.

We're not sure we totally agree though - we also eat a lot of cookies.

This list is the perfect explanation of social media. Originally posted by iknowho (or that's where we found it anyway)

Just when we thought Nandos' ads couldn't get any better, they came out with this pearler. It may just be the funniest and most brilliant TV advert ever made. In our opinion anyway.

Our week here at Chocolate Shoebox has gone something like this:
Nandos gets it right again. Just brilliant.
Google knows how to go all out. This year's Halloween doodle features a time-lapse video of pumpkins being transformed into works of art. Brilliant!
There is no doubt that social media has influenced the purchase funnel. It influences a consumer's decisions when purchasing products.

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